led ceiling light

led ceiling light installation instructions

led ceiling light installation instructions

  • Tuesday, 19 January 2021
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When install led ceiling light,please install in strict accordance with the instructions.If the installation is improper, it is easy to cause accidents such as falling and electric shock.

led ceiling light installation instructions

Do not install the lamp on the unstable ceiling.

under no circumstances shall the luminaire be covered with insulation pads or similar materials.

In order to ensure safety, please entrust electrical professionals to be responsible for the installation, decoration and inspection of lamps,Wiring requirements meet the national standards.

It is not allowed to install the lamps in thin and soft ceiling or unstable ceiling and inclined place.It is not allowed to install the lamps above high temperature objects or in damp places.When the lamp is abnormal, please quickly cut off the power supply and contact the sales point.During maintenance, the model of ceiling light and lanterns should be provided, and the names and installation methods of various parts should be read.Check the label on the lamp body to confirm the model, name of each part and installation method.

It can not be used in series with dimmer.

Please do not change the ceiling light at will and change the parts by yourself. In order to avoid lamp falling, electric shock, breakage and other accidents.The voltage used should not exceed the applicable range (rated voltage 220 ∨ ~ ± 10%, frequency 50 Hz).If the light is used in the range higher than the rated voltage for a long time, it may cause overheating and damage.

First of all, we need to remove the lampshade. Some lampshades can be removed by rotating. What I introduced is that there are three buckles stuck. Just pull the buckles back to remove the lampshade. After taking it off, you will find that one end of the light is black and no longer on. It's time to replace it. First, pull the plug on the rectifier from the light, and then fix it Break off the clip spring of the fixed light, take off the light, take out the originally bought good light, plug in the rectifier with the clip spring, finally buckle on the light cover, open the test, and light up.

Attention should be paid to the following points when selecting the ceiling light: safety: the lampshade of the ceiling light should be made of materials that are not easy to damage, especially for families with children. Toys thrown randomly sometimes hit the lampshade, so it is better not to choose the ceiling light with glass cover; light transmittance: the lampshade material should be uniform, with high light transmittance and can not show the luminous lamp tube. Uneven material will affect the brightness of the lamp, and harmful to vision. Although some lampshade with poor transparency is beautiful, it affects the ceiling light and is not suitable for selection.

The quality of ceiling light tube and rectifier is directly related to the service life of ceiling light. Poor quality of the lamp is easy to appear black phenomenon, affect the lighting effect of the lamp. Check the quality of light source: any lamp is composed of three parts: lamp body, light source and electrical appliances. The most important part is the ceiling light source, because it is the part that can really bring lighting effect for everyone. The ceiling light body is generally used as decoration and auxiliary light source, and electrical appliances are used for the stable lighting of the light source. Led round ceiling light is popular with more and more consumers because of its good power-saving lighting ability and beautiful appearance. A beautiful and atmospheric ceiling light also reflects the high grade of the choice.

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