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How to choose downlights in high end hotels?

How to choose downlights in high end hotels?

  • Saturday, 16 January 2021
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The hotel itself is a space with complex structure, covering the front hall, lobby, restaurant, corridor, guest room and other areas, with different storey heights and different demands. The lamps should be determined according to the needs of different spaces, especially for the selection of main downlights. But downlight in the hotel, especially in the application of some high roof space, there will always be some problems:

1. If the power of lamps is too high, they will be blind; if the power is too low, they will walk in the dark.

2. Strobe too high, make people tired

3. The brightness of the light radiation area is uneven, some areas are clean and bright, and some areas are dim.

4. The light quality is not up to the standard, only reaching the basic standard of "light up".

5. The installation and disassembly are troublesome, and the later maintenance is time-consuming and laborious.

It seems that as the main lighting of hotel space, downlight has a lot of knowledge. Today we'll have a good chat about how to choose downlight in hotel space!

First of all, we need to clarify the functional demands of downlights in various areas of the hotel. Generally speaking, the hotel is divided into "high rise area" and "low rise area". Therefore, we should choose downlights according to the characteristics of these two areas:

1. The hotel lobby, lobby, restaurant and other high-rise areas, floor height is usually h > 6m "high-rise area", the demand for LED downlights is: embedded (compatible with the environment, not to dominate), high power, large caliber (large size), good anti glare performance.

choose downlights in high end hotels?

2. In the corridor, guest room, toilet and other areas of the hotel, where the floor height is less than or equal to 2.8m, the demands for LED downlights are: embedded (clean ceiling, no compression of floor height), low power, small caliber (small size), and good anti glare performance.

choose downlights in high end hotels?

The lamp has adjustable angle function

It not only increases the function of downlight, but also makes the ceiling lamps achieve regularity, and improves the possibilities of space.

choose downlights in high end hotels?

Relatively accurate beam angle

For hotel space, beam angle is one of the effective ways to build the sense of light level and atmosphere.In the era of LED lamps, the beam angles of different brands are different. If LED lamps are used in hotel rooms, it is recommended to use medium narrow (15-18 °), (medium beam 22-25 °), and medium wide (28-30 °). Wide beam angle (55-60 °) can be used in the hotel lobby, and different angles can be used in different areas.

The light quality of the lamp meets the standard

The light quality evaluation indexes of LED lamps and lanterns include color temperature, color rendering, R9 value and color tolerance (SDCM). The light quality requirements of LED downlights are as follows:

Color TemperatureColor Rendering IndexR9 Value
Color Tolerance
2700k-3000kRa>80>05 step

The downlight light spot is clean and regular

Hotel space, whether facade or plane, must be clean and tidy. Any disordered light or shadow will affect the visual effect, and it has no significance to create a soft and uniform lighting environment and show the irradiator itself. Therefore, a good downlight light spot should be regular and beautiful, and the halo should be natural.

choose downlights in high end hotels?

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